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Glasgow Schools YouTube Channel

Glasgow Schools have a YouTube Channel, Glasgow Schools, where we are able to record and live stream sports, music, band and elementary events. There have been some new upgrades to live streaming for YouTube and we won’t be able to continue to live stream unless we have 1000 subscribers to the page. We can continue to upload videos to the channel, but are limited to a length of 15 minutes per video.

So, you may ask, what does this mean for us? Well, the first softball game is on the channel, but it is in 7 parts. What would we ask of you? We would LOVE for you to subscribe to our YouTube Channel, Glasgow Schools. There are two ways to do this which I will explain below.

Method 1:

• Go to Glasgow Schools Web Site at

• Click on more tab on top right corner of the page

• On the drop menu, click on multimedia

• Click on “to view our live events click here” link

• Once on YouTube, on the Glasgow Page, below the picture on the right is the “subscribe” button, click it

Method 2:

• Go to YouTube

• Search Glasgow Schools on YouTube search bar

• Click on the first choice (should have our yellow jacket as the emblem)

• On the Glasgow page, below the picture on the right is the “subscribe” button, click it