Pep Club

What is Pep Club?

Spreading Yellow Jacket school spirit throughout the school and community. Members are also active in the stands at all home sporting events cheering with the cheerleaders and supporting their peer athletes.

How can I join Pep Club?

All students, 6-12 are eligible to join. 

When do we meet?

We will meet once a month, and we will also meet, as necessary to plan for home games.

If I join, what kinds of things might I be doing?  As a club, we will be decorating lockers and working with the cheerleaders to promote school spirit at all home games.

Is there a fee to join and if so, how much?  No, there is no fee to join.  In fact, if you are a pep club member, you will get into each home game free with a purchase of the Pep Club shirt. You must seat in the Pep Club section or you will be asked to pay to enter.

How many events must I attend?  To maintain your pep club status, you must attend pep club-sponsored events. Athletes/Cheerleaders/Band/Etc. who are playing/cheering are exempt.

What happens if I cannot attend?  Attendance at games is encouraged as well, however, it is not expected that you attend every basketball game. If you cannot attend all events, speak to Mrs. Olendorff.

Two things that you must do as a Pep Club member are: remain positive and reflect sportsmanship.  Treat other teams, schools, and students with respect.  Treat your fellow Yellow Jackets with respect.  Remember you are representing Yellow Jacket PRIDE and SPIRIT as a Pep Club Member.