If you haven’t already done so, please drop off your signed permission slip allowing your child to view the eclipse on Monday, August 21st.  Permission slips can be picked up in the offices at Open House. If you would rather your child not go outdoors during the eclipse, a teacher will remain inside to supervise children not going outside.   Additionally,  if you prefer for your child to stay home with you to view the eclipse Monday, the absence will be considered an excused absence. We look forward to seeing you and your child very soon!

You can access information regarding your child via SIS.  The website is https://sdm.sisk12.com/hw.  This year you can also download the student 360 application onto your smartphone/tablet.  It is a touch friendly, tile based interface suitable for computers, tablets and cell phones.  Please contact school if you need help setting up your SIS account or if you have forgotten you user id/password.  Look for SIS under the Resources Tab to find instructions. 

High School Bulletin


August 17th.