You can access information regarding your child via SIS.  The website is https://sdm.sisk12.com/hw.  This year you can also download the student 360 application onto your smartphone/tablet.  It is a touch friendly, tile based interface suitable for computers, tablets and cell phones.  Please contact school if you need help setting up your SIS account or if you have forgotten you user id/password.  Look for SIS under the Resources Tab to find instructions. 

High School Bulletin

THURSDAY, May 18, 2017
1.  ALL library books are due.  Any fine over $1.00 needs to be paid to Mrs. Lee or Debbie by TOMORROW
2.  Any high school or junior high track member needs to turn in your uniform to Mrs. Kottman by TOMORROW.  (unless you are in state track)
3.  All students need to do the following by TOMORROW:
- Turn in all books
- Pay bills (Ag., Art, Library, Lunch, Shop, etc.)
- Clean out lockers (regular & P.E.)
- Take all belongings home - anything left behind will be thrown away!
4.  Odd hours finals TODAY.

1.  End of Year Awards at 11:00? in Bramble Hall.
2.  12:00 dismissal - LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!!!
3.  State Track.

1.  State Track.

1.  High School Graduation at 2:00.  Group picture at 1:30.
2.  High School Band needs to be here at 1:15.
3.  Glee needs to be in the gym at 1:30 for warm up.
4.  Senior pictures of graduation may be ordered online at:  www.WagnerPortraitGroup.com.  Click on "shop" and "View Graduations".

1.  Miss Howard County & Miss Howard County Teen 2017 forms are in the office.

Thank you to the Markland Family for the memorial donation to the Glasgow School District in 

honor of  Bill Markland.

Mary Jarboe, Susan Donnelly, Mike Reynolds